FRIENDS + ENEMIES


Time to reminisce:

Remember back to the day when you first started school, as you step foot onto the grounds as a stranger with no real desires, you're nervous, anxious yet excited for what's to come. YOU know how you felt at that moment, it's much like how you feel stepping into the enormous world of streetwear, and the story begins...

At this point in time you are placed into a world full of opportunity, yet little do you how the F*^K it'll turn out. You sometimes stop and think, how? what if? But you have to believe in yourself because this is where you got your first EXCELLENCE.

And that's all i'm going to tell you because now it is your turn to step foot into our world. Yes it might be nervous, but join the excitement and ride the wave, maybe it'll crash on the shore in dramatic fashion.

Or maybe it'll be caught by someone, and be remembered as that wave from the TRON.


                               Created by Mungo Bates & Panashe Matadi.


Photo Credit: Rebecca Thomas